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In Houston, TX, your sewer line is the drain piping system that connects your house’s main drain with the sewer system or your private septic tank. When installed, your main drain was watertight and the joints are impenetrable. Due to the way the pipe sections are joined or earth movements (earthquakes and earth settling) the joints can be compromised and roots from trees and bushes can find a way into the sewer system. Over time these roots or pipe movements can prevent proper water flow and your sewer backs up.

Wedgeworth Plumbing offers drain cleaning and sewer pipe replacement services. We can cut the roots that are growing in the pipes to allow the water to flow freely again. However, just like pruning a bush, the roots will grow back, often in greater size, strength and number than before. In Houston, there are several options to consider for this problem. We can simply cable the drain, treat the sewer line chemically with a product, which retards root growth, or replace the broken pipes.

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    What causes Houston sewer line problems?

    There are many reasons your pipe could be damaged. While age is one of the most common factors, the following are some other reasons your line may need repairs:

    Damaged Pipes

    Many older pipes are made from cast iron or clay tile. Over time your cast iron pipes will suffer from metal fatigue and deteriorate. Clay tile pipes can break down from root infiltration and ground settling issues causing offsets and gaps in the pipe walls. Wedgeworth uses the most durable material, SDR 26, a plastic piping which meets or exceeds the latest plumbing code. With proper installation, this material will provide long lasting structural integrity requiring far fewer service calls.

    Tree Roots

    Tree roots are continuously searching for water sources, even if that source is a nearby sewer line. As roots grow, they may break through your sewer pipe walls and connections, which cause major issues if left unaddressed.

    While doing a spot repair or complete sewer line replacement is the most permanent solution to tree root pipe infiltration, a regularly scheduled preventative drain cleaning may prolong the life of your sewer. It is important to consult with one of our experienced plumbers to determine if it is time for a repair or replacement.

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    Phil Lakin
    Phil Lakin
    22:13 17 Jun 22
    Booked and arrived same day. Very courteous, answered every question and walked me through some preventative tips to stop the problem happening again. TJ was awesome. Highly recommended. Excellent more
    Wes Turner
    Wes Turner
    21:00 17 Jun 22
    I have used Wedgeworth Plumbing for the second time and if I have needs in the future they are who I am calling. They are courteous, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend their quality of work and overall more
    Hunter Beilue
    Hunter Beilue
    14:44 16 Jun 22
    On time, courteous, and knowledgeable. Did well explaining the details and giving us a good idea of the work required and quoted. Will be calling them again for future more

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